US presidential candidate linked to securities fraud

This is probably not how Brock Pierce imagined his election campaign.

The US presidential candidate Brock Pierce is a putative securities fraud during his election campaign in New York City linked

James Koutoulas, the attorney behind this case, told Cointelegraph that judicial documents relating to a class action lawsuit against Bitcoin Lifestyle have been served on Pierce.

Pierce was a co-founder of the company. Block.one was the company behind EOS ‚Initial Coin Offering, which raised $ 4 billion. The project’s ICO was the largest of its kind to date.

In addition to Block.one, Brock Pierce co-founded a number of other crypto projects, including Tether and Blockchain Capital.

Legal proceedings have been ongoing against the first two for several years

Pierce announced his candidacy for US President in July, shortly after Kanye West. His campaign page says he was a digital currency pioneer and raised more than $ 5 billion for the companies he founded.